Charles Bibbs_The Red Umbrella -Litho  Printers Proof Remarque Framed

Charles Bibbs The Red Umbrella -Litho Printers Proof Remarque Framed

Status: Only 1 Available | Condition:New | Edition:Limited Edition | Dim:26.5 x 39 FRAME 33 X 46 | Charles Bibbs | LER100TRU


Availability: Yes as of Date: October  22, 2020

Charles Bibbs The Red Umbrella -Litho Printers Proof Remarque Framed
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Product Details

The Red Umbrella -Litho Printers Proof Remarque

Remarque: A small original sketch done by the artist, outside the actual image of a print. May be in pencil, watercolor or pen and ink. THERE IS NO CREASE IN THE IMAGE IT IS A LIGHT REFLECTION.

Artist Bio

Charles Bibbs has always believed that we are the keepers of our culture, and as such, has spent much of his time working towards developing a cohesive, energized African American community. He is a committed activist on behalf of economic development and empowerment in the community, spending much of his free time holding seminars and workshops with young people. In his quest to preserve and develop the visual arts, Charles Bibbs has founded Art 2000, a non-profit visual art association that informs and inspires artists and art patrons alike. Out of this association has grown Images Magazine, the first national publication dedicated to ethnic art. Another one of Charles passions is jazz music; and by founding the Inland Empire Music and Arts Foundation, another non-profit organization, he has been able to bring an annual world class jazz and art festival to Southern California, while providing much needed funding for a number of art and music programs. Charles Bibbs artwork manages to fuse African, African American and Native American cultural themes, to make powerful cross cultural statements. His work is thought provoking and capable of arousing strong emotions regardless of ethnic, gender and generational affiliation. Although he may have an idea or vision in mind when painting a particular piece, Charles prefers each individual who views his work to gain a personal vision from his artwork. Across the board, his renderings convey a deep sense of spirituality, majesty, dignity, strength and grace. It is sufficient to say, however his works are viewed, whatever individual emotions they may evoke, they remain characteristically and recognizably Bibbs.